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Fantastic Design and Trend Service!…

“ delivers a fantastic design service – especially for small businesses who just want a simple and effective way to give their clients great on-trend designs – and most importantly stay ahead of others in the market.”

– Robert Chen, Azuda International, Taiwan (Homewares Manufacturer)

Your Designs Bring Us More Business…

“We have company in Hong Kong and factories in China……We have worked together for a long time…and your designs bring us a lot of business”

– A.Tse, Hong Kong. (Exporter)

We Take Lots of New Orders from Our Customers Using Your Designs!…

“It’s very great to co-operate with We get very great designs from them and we take a lot of orders from our customers. Thank you”…

– Merry Bean, Skymoving, Ningbo, China.

Your designs helped attract several major U.K. retail customers…

“You helped contribute greatly to the income and profits of the company…resulting in regular repeat business and building the homewares business within the company.”

– Martin Feinhols, Mozaik, UK (Homewares Importer)

You saved me $20,000!…

“You let me get on with my business without having to worry about creating new products. I saved travel costs as I didn’t need to take research and buying trip to search for new ideas. You guys did it all for me. Thank you so much”…

– Brenda Wu, Xiamen

“Our U.S customer loved your houseware designs so much he placed a $14,431.96 order in our showroom!…”

– Ann Cheung, Hong Kong

Thanks so much!…

“It’s surprisingly wonderful to deal with an excellent service and receive great support.”…

– Jack Wen, SuperTown Housewares Company Ltd. China

Now we offer our customers new designs every month, allowing us to get more business than before…

“We always had trouble coming up with new product ideas the buyer would like. We often wasted lots of time and money developing designs that we thought our customers would like, but when we showed them to our buyers they would often reject them. Now thanks to we can show our customers a fresh set of new housewares designs every month. It’s really saved us time and money and the designs we now show are more with the trends also.”

– Charles Lin, Taiwan

Our U.S customer loved your houseware designs so much he placed a $14,431.96 order in our showroom…

“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful designs you created for us. We have attracted more new business with your designs. One of our U.S customers loved your designs so much he placed a $14,431.96 order in our showroom!”

– Ann Cheung, Hong Kong

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Attract Buyers With Better Designs

Attract More Buyers With Better Designs

Getting customers can be difficult. Now you can easily attract lucrative new clients � with your own exclusively-designed products. Never again sell �off-the-shelf� goods.

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Sell More Products & Increase Your Margins

Sell More Products & Increase Your Margins

Good design sells. Get bigger orders more often by offering your customers well-designed products. Simple.

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Boost Your Profits By Sampling Smarter

Boost Your Profits By Sampling Smarter

Cut costs by reducing unecessary sampling. Discover next seasons hottest homeware trends first. Develop only the products buyers really want to buy.

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Discover Tomorrows Hottest Homeware Trends - Today

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