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Whether you’re a large manufacturer or a small exporter, there’s never been a simpler, more cost-effective way to get best-selling homewares designs.

Design Is The Difference…

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Between selling $900 vs. $90,000 of product. Between a product that meets your objectives vs. one that blows them away. Between knowing what products sell vs. wasting money developing products that fail. We use great design to help our clients attract more customers, sell more product, and make more profit.

Save Money & Slash Sampling Costs

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Eliminate the usual routine involved in rolling out a new product - planning a sourcing trip, flying abroad, visiting stores, buying samples….and on and on. Let us take care of finding the hottest homewares ideas… and get what you wanted in the first place. World-class products that sell.

Get The Competitive Edge

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Always stay one step ahead of the competition. Capture and keep your market share – while saving time and money! Always stay one step ahead of the competition. Capture and keep your market share – while saving time and money and saving time and money and saving time

Discover The Hottest Homewares Trends & Freshest New Ideas

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Keep up-to-date with the newest housewares ideas from Europe and the US. Especially great for budget-conscious companies, there’s no better, more cost-effective way to discover the latest trends – all without leaving your desk!

Take The Guesswork Out of Design

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Loaded with specific tips and tactics for adapting the latest design trends to your business – each month our designers guide you through the maze of new homewares ideas – so you get the best designs to help grow your business.

Best-Selling Designs Created Exclusively For You

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In today’s fast-paced retail environment, developing new products quickly is crucial. With HomewaresDesign you get a fast and reliable way to get on-trend homewares designs and act quickly to stay ahead of the competition.

Discover The Smarter, Faster, Easier Way To Get Best-Selling Homeware Designs...

Attract Buyers With Better Designs

Attract More Buyers With Better Designs

Getting customers can be difficult. Now you can easily attract lucrative new clients � with your own exclusively-designed products. Never again sell �off-the-shelf� goods.

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Sell More Products & Increase Your Margins

Sell More Products & Increase Your Margins

Good design sells. Get bigger orders more often by offering your customers well-designed products. Simple.

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Boost Your Profits By Sampling Smarter

Boost Your Profits By Sampling Smarter

Cut costs by reducing unecessary sampling. Discover next seasons hottest homeware trends first. Develop only the products buyers really want to buy.

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Discover Tomorrows Trends - Today

Discover Tomorrows Hottest Homeware Trends - Today

Always know what trends are hot and which you should develop. Let us find the most commercial trends for you. Get ahead of the competition.

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